EAA Guideline on assigning members to Countries

The EAA identifies a member’s home Country as being the place where they work, study or reside, rather than their nationality. This definition is used for membership statistics and fees, eligibility for Wenner Grenn grants, and at the Annual Meetings for the Abstract Book, the Programme and Delegate Badges, etc.

‘Country’ is defined as being a nation state which is a member or observer at the Council of Europe (hub.coe.int) or the United Nations (www.un.org/en/members/index.shtml). The form of the name used should be that used in the English language lists of members and observers on the websites of the Council of Europe (for European countries) and the UN (for the rest of the world).

It should be noted that dependent or autonomous territories that do not participate in such organisations are not defined as Countries for EAA purposes.

The only exception to this definition regards Kosovo, which has a UN interim administration, and is an admissible country.